Sunday, October 12, 2014

November 1, 2014 Release - The Brodick Affair

The Brodick Affair

Can an aging soldier of fortune outwit his enemies and disappear into comfortable seclusion?

Gunrunner Harry Brodick has left a trail of enemies from the Congo and Far East to Europe. He and his Vietnamese wife, Nan, seek an exit from their danger-filled existence and a way to safeguard their child.
Their ticket out is one last weapons shipment to underworld kingpin Santos Aguilar.
Fashionable ski resort Thunder Ridge is a perfect spot for Harry, Nan, and Santos to plan the deal off the radar, until Santos learns that Harry has drawn attention from international authorities. Santos places a contract on Harry’s life.
Santos is not Harry’s only problem. Nan has a new lover, and they also conspire to kill him.
The Brodick Affair is an international adventure with conspiracies, deception, lust, and murder.
Volume I of the Thunder Ridge Trilogy

Volumes II and III in the Thunder Ridge Trilogy, Harry's Fury and Cult of Iona, were written by my writing collaborator, E.C. Brierfield. You can see information about them at his site,

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